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Gina Garrubbo

The increase in on-demand consumption of podcasts is more than just a trend in consumers' tastes. It's a movement in content consumption. Listen to Gina Garrubbo, President and CEO of National Public Media, explain this auditory revolution.

Jessica Backus

Not sure where you stand on contemporary art? Let Jessica Backus, Director of the Art Genome Project at Artsy, help you understand how to better understand art. Jessica Backus currently serves as The Director of Learning and The Art Genome Project at Artsy, an online database, encyclopedia and discovery engine for art.

Alexander Hayes

Did you know there other are worlds in our solar system with oceans? Moons, more specifically... listen to Alexander Hayes, Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University, and Director of the Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility talk about our past, present, and future exploring the ocean moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

Jeremy Johnson

Intelligence is equally distributed, but opportunity isn't. This is the belief of Jeremy Johnson. Listen to his talk about unlocking intelligence from under-represented communities across the globe. Prior to founding Andela, Jeremy co-founded 2U, one of the fastest growing education technology startups in history.

Alex Lavin

AI and neuroscience can inform one another, if we can continue to bridge their current gap. By increasing the synergy between artificial intelligence and neuroscience, a bootstrapping process will occur: more neuroscience research will inform better AI, and better AI will give neuroscientists the tools to make more discoveries and interpret them.

Ian Folau

Leadership is more than just a title description. More than just a checklist of responsibilities. And more than just a It's about understanding the roles of you and your team, and providing empowerment. Listen to the difference between the art and process of leadership from West Point and Cornell Tech graduate, Ian Folau.

Nitin Ron

Meditation. New life. High altitude hiking in the Himalayas. Listen to Neonatologist and mountaineer, Nitin Ron connect all three of these experiences in a touching story for his life's adventures. Nitin is a neonatologist (baby doctor!) who loves high altitude trekking and mountaineering.